After a weekend full of festivities, it is finally Halloween! I wanted to make another bento-inspired healthy lunch for our son to take with him to school today, so here’s what he will open at the lunch table:

A mummy-wrapped turkey dog

Candy Corn made of cheese slices – I used monterrey jack, sharp cheddar, and provolone

Raspberries with a spider ring and a bat ring surprise

A pumpkin made out of carrots, cheese cut into face shapes, and a green bat ring for the stem

And for dessert – sliced green apples dipped in a thin glaze of caramel

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween! ~Linden


I love painting glassware and trying new methods to get different looks. I tried a drip method a few months ago and really liked the result. customised iphone 6 case As Halloween approaches, these goblets would make a great way to festively adorn any table – and they are so easy to make! I started with 2 olive goblets from the Dollar Tree There are many different types of glass paints out there, and each give a slightly different look. iphone 8 case geek Some are dishwasher safe, some are not. Some may be put to your lips, some should not. I’ve used two types of glass paint (shown below) for this drip effect. proporta iphone 6 case The paint on the left is my favorite because the applicator is easier to use and you don’t have to thin the paint down. The Gloss Enamels paint on the right comes in more color options, but it needs to be thinned down with a thinning medium. iphone 7 plus shockproof case red I purchased both of these at JoAnn’s Fabrics, but you could also find them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. After putting the glasses upside down with a paper underneath, you can just start applying paint. initials case iphone 7 I usually do a pretty thick base around the rim and watch the paint take its own course from there, adding paint as needed. black panther phone case iphone 8 To be safe, I don’t let the drips get too close to the rim. star wars phone case iphone 6 When the longest streaks get within about 1-3 inches of the rim, I turn the glass back upright and let it drip down the other way. As the paint dries, I will flip the glass on either side every few minutes so that the paint distributes evenly.

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I’m far from Suzy-Homemaker…. matte phone case iphone 6 plus like as far from that as one can be…. iphone 6 case with hand strap but I found some great, healthy Halloween theme snacks online and wanted to put together a festive lunch and snacks for today. selfie case iphone 8 plus For young children, it’s hard for me to see only sugary, candy-like snacks for Halloween. shawn mendes phone case iphone 7 Especially considering how much candy is already associated with Trick-or-Treating! Here’s what our son took for lunch today, and what we’ll be having with the preschoolers at my house: He had a mummified juice box (I glued on toilet paper and googley eyes) A ghostly whole grain peanut butter sandwich with a slice of mozzarella cheese setting on top for an extra snack Spooky smiles (green apples with slivered almonds) Yogurt with a bat-shaped all-fruit strip cutout on top Just for some extra fruit, some green grapes held together with Halloween toothpicks And sweet spiders for dessert. bellroy iphone 8 case I made these with pretzel sticks, crackers with nutella inside and stuck chocolate chip eyes on with nutella. I ran out of time, but I had good intentions to put some veggies into the mix….. personalised iphone 6 case marble I hope to make another Halloween lunch on Monday as well with some different ideas.


Pottery Barn’s Lazy Susan: My Version: I’ve been thinking about getting a lazy susan for our table… and I’ve seen some out there that I really like! I liked this Pottery Barn lazy susan, but I didn’t love it’s $99 price tag. iphone 6 case 360 silicone We were in Ikea a couple of weeks ago and I spotted their lazy susan for $7 or so. apple case for iphone 7 plus I bought it and planned to refinish it with a more rustic and distressed look. torro cases iphone 8 plus So here’s what I started with: I sanded off the clear coat of varnish and used some Minwax Stain in the color of Ebony that my husband had in our garage. I only did one coat and liked how the color of the wood was still quite varied. silicone iphone 7 case glitter So that was all it took! Then I used my cricut to cut a tree silhouette out on black vinyl. I bought the 4 feet of vinyl for $5.98 and only used 1 foot of the vinyl. I peeled off the tree and applied it to the stained lazy susan. I then traced around the image with a black permanent marker. phone case for iphone 7 pink After tracing the image, I pulled off the vinyl and filled in the rest of the shape with the marker. bunny iphone 8 case I then added some slight silver accents with paint and the wording “Grateful for Simple Blessings” across the bottom. I just have to add clear coat.

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In taking inventory of the clothes I have for baby Lace I realized how many plain white onesies we had acquired. I am all for a plain white shirt now and again, but decided I would take some of the onesies and make them into dresses. iphone 7 cases women It was an incredibly quick sew project and turned out great. Here’s how it’s done: 1. Decide on and gather your materials.

2. back case for iphone 7 Once you have decided what fabric you want to use, measure your onesie (front and back) across the section you want the skirt of the dress to sit. tokyo edge iphone 7 case Double your measurement to allow room for the pleats, cut your fabric:

3. Iron a a double fold hem on the bottom of your skirt fabric and a single fold hem on the top of the fabric. Sew the bottom hem closed.

4. iphone 7 phone cases skech Begin to fold pleats into the top of the fabric and pin in to place. I used 1.5 inch pleats with 1 inch gaps in between each pleat.

5. Once you have pinned your pleats, pin the open ends of fabric together and sew shut. spigen iphone cases 7 plus You will now have a circular piece of fabric. Pin in the pleated skirt around the onesie where you would like it to hang.

6. Sew the pleated skirt to the onesie. phone cases iphone 6 cat Voila! From blank to bomb-dank!

[I decided to add a bow belt to my dress with a different fabric to add more detail. Feel free to add a belt, bow, flower or whatever you like. I created the belt by cutting a 20 inch x 4 inch piece of fabric, folding the fabric in half and sewing shut.

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We are waiting to find out the gender of this baby until he or she is born, so I wanted to make some gender-neutral baby booties. unique iphone 7 plus case I used a tutorial I found from Hello my name is Heather. gel case iphone 7 She has a pattern and instructions you can print off and it’s a really easy pattern – even for the sewing-impared (like myself). proporta iphone 6 case I started with a piece of teal felt. spigen iphone 8 case I used white thread in my sewing machine and two green buttons. iphone 7 phone case leather black The materials for these booties cost me around 35 CENTS TOTAL and it took me about an hour to do them. iphone 7 hard case red Here’s how the felt looked when I cut it out: Then I just followed the step-by-step simple instructions from Hello my name is Heather. I’m not a huge fan of “recreating the wheel” so if you access the instructions via that link, she has it all broken down into steps. iphone 7 plus floral phone cases It was all really easy to do! For the details, I added a faux strap with a zig-zag stitch and added a green button onto each shoe.


Leaves crunching under your feet, crisp winds in the air, iphone 6 phone case white the striking yellow and orange of the trees, fields ripe for the harvest – Fall has arrived! Of course, to us, fall also means warm apple crisp, cinnamon and nutmeg, slim iphone 7 battery case pumpkin infused desserts…. iphone 6 case greatest showman So we had a small, simple gathering of friends over on Sunday afternoon and sampled some new, iphone 7 microfiber case fall recipes! Here’s the beautiful Blessings Door Bucket with fresh with mums that greeted our guests as they entered our home: Small cups of Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream and shaved chocolate ~ Chocolate Mousse Recipe Sharp cheddar cheeses and cracker tray – cheese cut out into leaf shapes using a small cookie cutter Cantaloupe and grape kabobs – cantaloupe cut into leaf shapes Mugs of Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream and cinnamon- Recipe Here Spinach and Artichoke Dip with french bread ~ Spinach Artichoke Dip Honey Vanilla Caramel Apples with twigs for the sticks ~ Honey Vanilla Caramel Apples The blue ‘pop of color’ carried into the living room with my DIY glass jars project from earlier this week. thin iphone 7 phone cases The teal and sand yarn lanterns with white icicle lights hung in the dining room. We made the teal and white tiered serving platters with painted candlesticks and glass glue. All in all, our Embracing Fall get-together turned out well and the best part about it was the time we got to spend with great friends! What are some of your favorite ways to embrace the changing of the season? Some additional notes: **The Blessings Door Bucket, “Ever Grateful Ever Thankful” Tiered Server, iphone 8 plus case lifeproof and Gracious Platter next to the blue jars are all items from Blessings Unlimited – check out my friend Kasha’s page for more information. shock proof case for iphone 6 Their items are so beautiful and so inspiring! **Recipes were made a little healthier than what the recipe called for (2% milk substituted for whole milk, reduced-fat cream cheese used,

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I could eat breakfast foods for every meal. giraffe phone case iphone 7 plus Occasionally, we have ‘breakfast for lunch’ like we’re doing today. iphone 6 case black and rose gold I love making different images out of pancake mix, because the they’re so EASY and the kids love how they look! To make the pumpkins, I mixed up pancake batter according to the directions and added some ground flaxseed in for an extra boost of fiber. 360 protect case iphone 8 I separated the batter into two bowls and added orange and green food coloring to each. Then I put the orange batter into the pan to make the base, and added a stem, mouth, and eyes. cani iphone 7 plus case We’ll be doing different faces for all of the kids so no two jack-o-lanterns will be the same! After the first side finished cooking, I flipped it over to cook the other side and the image stayed pretty intact. pikachu iphone 8 case Here is the finished result: You could also use chocolate chips or nutella after cooking for the facial features.


We’re having a gathering with some girlfriends tonight and decorating as we speak. iphone 7 case spiegen Because we’re busy getting ready to entertain, we wanted to just post a quick peek at some of what we’re doing. iphone 6 cases front and back Using plain white icicle lights, we affixed some yarn lanterns that we made earlier this week. tec 21 iphone 6 case They were messy to make, but because the only components are yarn and glue, they are budget friendly! I first saw the picture of the lanterns on Pinterest in this picture: Yarn Balloons We made teal and sand colored lanterns for our gathering tonight. iphone 7 silicone case red More pictures coming tomorrow…..


The brisk breeze is in the air and our giant birch tree has bright, yellow leaves hanging from the branches. iphone 6 leather case brown I’ll upload a picture of the tree tomorrow – it’s spectacular! Tonight, the kids helped make another new soup for supper. iphone 7 pluse case silicone This time we tried Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto from iphone 6 case back We used some fresh vegetables from our square foot garden and it was delicious! The kids really enjoyed cutting up the veggies and stirring the ingredients together. girls iphone 7 phone cases Plus, the ingredients are really healthy and packed with vitamins, fiber and protein. phone case iphone 7 protective It was a wonderful new savory soup for us to try this fall and we’ll be making it again soon! Here’s a link to the recipe from EatingWell.