As Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, nostalgic baked goods will inevitably adorn tables at family gatherings. Lace and I have always loved Kuchen! Kuchen is the German word for cake, but for us the literal translation is more like ‘a creamy, smooth piece of heaven-sent goodness’. Okay, that may be overdoing it a bit. But it really is amazing!

There are a number of ways to make Kuchen. Many people use fruit like peaches, raspberries, juneberries, etc. to change the flavor. Others use cottage cheese mixed in with their kuchen. Lace and I mostly look forward to the creamy, custard filling. So this year we tried our hand at making our own recipe for the first time, and making sure it was simple (just 7 ingredients!) and had lots of filling. We have a recipe that makes 3 kuchen. So that’s one for you, and two for you to spread the love (and calories) to someone else! Okay….. yes, it’s okay for you to keep two an just pass one along…..

Easy Kuchen Recipe from Linden & Lace

1 cup Butter, melted
1 cup Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 cups Flour
2 Eggs

7 Eggs
2 cups Sugar
4 Tbsp. Flour
3 1/2 cups Cream

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. This recipe makes 3 Kuchen. Spray three 9 inch round cake pans with cooking spray. Set aside.

In a large bowl with a spoon (or in a stand mixer with a dough hook) mix all crust ingredients and beat until dough comes together. Since there is no yeast in the dough, it doesn’t to rest. Portion out 3 equal portions and spread out the dough into each pan bottom and up the sides. I found it easy to flatten a piece between my hands, put it in the pan, and then flatten it into the pan or work it up the edges a bit.

Mix all ingredients together in another bowl with a hand mixer. Pour the custard mix into the dough-lined pans. Sprinkle the tops with cinnamon and bake for approximately 30 minutes or until custard filling is set. Cool the kuchen to room temperature and then cut wedges.

We have gotten some great reviews with this recipe! In fact, it’s a little bit of a competition in our family for who has the best kuchen. Our grandma usually wins, hands down (sorry Aunt C and Aunt D!). Yesterday, our grandma tried a piece of our kuchen, and after a moment she said: “This kuchen is better than mine and I really like the crust. Can I get the recipe?” Imitation is sincerest form of flattery!


It’s Friday. And it’s 11-11-11. And it’s Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all who serve and honor our country to protect our freedoms and way of life! We wanted to leave you with a gift for your weekend.

The Priestly Prayer is something we started praying over our children after our evening prayers before bedtime. I was having a hard time remembering the wording of the verses, so I made a printable to put up in their room. Here is the printable verse in purple and green and in red and black for you to print off for your family! Have a wonderful weekend!


Mixed media art is one of my favorite things to create because each piece takes on a completely unique identity. And the concept of taking unconventional materials to transform into a beautiful piece is fascinating. Here is one of the first mixed media pieces I did a few months ago:

Would you believe that this piece can be made from items in your pantry? The picture is made with beans, pasta, twine, sand, tissue paper and paint. I love how majestic it is – especially considering the materials I used!

Here is a sneak peek of another piece I started. The first photo is the materials onto the canvas and the second photo is with a top coat of brown paint. The final step of painting the picture with acrylic paint will complete this piece!

Anything can be used in this type of art. I’ve used paper, vinyl records, buttons, tiles, leaves, etc and each piece has a completely different identity. The material possibilities are endless! Enjoy your beautiful Wednesday!


Mr. Lace and I had broken our window coffee table a few weeks back and after taking some time to come to terms with the tragedy we decided this weekend that a new coffee table must be made. We had an old wood door waiting to be repurposed and I LOVE how it turned out.

Step 1 – Acquire a wood door.

Step 2 – Find a handsome man with some power tools to measure (twice) and cut (once) the door. We used the top two sections for the top of the table and the bottom section to make the two sides. Fasten the two sides to the top using “L” brackets.

Step 3 – Place door in desired space and admire/decorate/love. We may paint and antique the door at a later date as well as add a shelf underneath to house baskets, but for now it’s staying as is.

I hope you had a great weekend and that your Tuesday is abundantly blessed!

Tip Junkie handmade projects


I like to change things up sometimes. Okay, maybe all the time. When I saw these cute little felt owl ornaments at Hobby Lobby, I knew I needed to make something with them…. so I constructed another Non-Traditional Fall Wreath. It’s the same frame and everything!

After hot-gluing the branches to the back of the frame, I hung the owls from the branches and hot-glued them to keep them in place. I then used my cricut to cut out “welcome” and glued that onto the bottom branch.

The owls cost just over $1 each and because they were already done, the time investment in this wreath was about 15 minutes total! This wreath should last us a few more weeks until I decide to get into winter/Christmas mode for door detailing….


Linden and I love to throw a party and there are few reasons greater to throw a party than the miracle of life … so upon baby Lace’s arrival (seriously kid, make your way out of there) we will be having a maternity ward, sport your best gown, your non-slip socks are perfect, party. I decided I better have some goodies ready for the occasion so favor bags were made, vintage soda bottles purchased and now we just await the arrival of my stubborn little girl.

Have a fabulous Friday and find a reason to celebrate!


I was swimming along in blog-land earlier this week and came across this adorable jute bag by Nest of Posies.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the season of vendor/trade/craft shows is also upon us. So I thought a personalized tote like this would be a practical and personalized way to cart our belongings to shows.

Materials used:
Jute Bag from Hobby Lobby – $5.99 with my 40% off coupon (reg. 9.99)
Felt pieces in different colors – 4 for $1 (used 3: blue, yellow, and brown)
Brown fine-tip permanent marker – $1.79 at Office Max
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric scraps
Card stock (cut with Cricut)

This is the original jute bag I bought at Hobby Lobby

First, I cut out “linden & lace” on a piece of card stock with my Cricut. Then I taped it onto the jute bag so I could use it as a stencil

I used the brown permanent marker (fine tip) to stencil on my design

After I was done with that, I made some fabric rosettes, twine rosettes, and felt flowers. Oopseydaisyblog made a great image tutorial of how to make the felt roses:

You can make the twine flowers the same way – just hot gluing the end of the twine onto felt and circling it around to make it bigger while hot gluing the twine onto the felt.

Then I tried my hand at making a felt flower with petals. I started by cutting about a 2 1/2″ strip of felt from my 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece.

Then I folded that strip of felt in half and did a simple stitch to connect the edges together

Then I made small cuts along the fold for the ‘flower petals’

I then glued the cut strip of felt onto a s of felt to use as the base. I used two strips of felt to make a flower of this size. I also made a small, yellow felt rosette to put in the center of the petals. This is what the front and back of the flower looked like before I trimmed the base of felt

Then, I positioned the flowers on the jute bag around the stencil and sewed them onto the bag. Here is the finished product:

The materials for this bag cost me less than $10, I didn’t have to wait for it to ship to me, and I have a cute way to transport materials around to upcoming shows!


I love a beautiful mantle, but I LOVE a beautiful mantle decorated for fall. Don’t these just beckon you to make a glass of tea, start a fire and cozy up with a good book?

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and brushed your teeth twice last night for good measure.









After a weekend full of festivities, it is finally Halloween! I wanted to make another bento-inspired healthy lunch for our son to take with him to school today, so here’s what he will open at the lunch table:

A mummy-wrapped turkey dog

Candy Corn made of cheese slices – I used monterrey jack, sharp cheddar, and provolone

Raspberries with a spider ring and a bat ring surprise

A pumpkin made out of carrots, cheese cut into face shapes, and a green bat ring for the stem

And for dessert – sliced green apples dipped in a thin glaze of caramel

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween! ~Linden


I’m far from Suzy-Homemaker…. like as far from that as one can be…. but I found some great, healthy Halloween theme snacks online and wanted to put together a festive lunch and snacks for today.

For young children, it’s hard for me to see only sugary, candy-like snacks for Halloween. Especially considering how much candy is already associated with Trick-or-Treating! Here’s what our son took for lunch today, and what we’ll be having with the preschoolers at my house:

He had a mummified juice box (I glued on toilet paper and googley eyes)

A ghostly whole grain peanut butter sandwich with a slice of mozzarella cheese setting on top for an extra snack

Spooky smiles (green apples with slivered almonds)

Yogurt with a bat-shaped all-fruit strip cutout on top

Just for some extra fruit, some green grapes held together with Halloween toothpicks

And sweet spiders for dessert. I made these with pretzel sticks, crackers with nutella inside and stuck chocolate chip eyes on with nutella.

I ran out of time, but I had good intentions to put some veggies into the mix….. I hope to make another Halloween lunch on Monday as well with some different ideas. Have a spooktacular Halloween weekend!