Don’t get me wrong….. I love sponge-painted walls just as much as anyone! Which means…. not so much. We just moved into our new Minnesota home last week and we have lots of cosmetic updates to make in our house. We have a long list of projects ahead of us, but one small job that I wanted to tackle was Savannah’s Bathroom.

With all of the updates we want to do, we are trying to be extremely frugal. Even small facelifts in a home can get really expensive! We were able to transform our bathroom from the “Before” to the “After” for just $21.01:

beforeAfter (2)

Before we moved, I went to some garage sales and scored big on partial gallons of paint! I bought the Aqua Semi-Gloss on the walls and the Black Semi-Gloss on the cabinets for $7 total. For the door hardware, I used some handles and knobs that we had removed from our previous home (we replaced them with new ones) and just painted them metallic silver.

Handles (2)

I also re-used the existing vanity light fixture and just used the same high-heat metallic silver paint to make it match the knobs. I hit up a thrift store yesterday and bought a white shower curtain for $3, shower curtain rings for $.25 and a new black bath mat for $2. I also spent $4.99 on a clear shower curtain liner.

showercurtain (2)

Here’s a breakdown of my purchases:
$5.00 Aqua Semi-Gloss Paint (garage sale purchase, and I still have paint left over)
$2.00 Black Semi-Gloss Paint (garage sale)
$3.77 High Heat Metallic Silver Spray Paint
$3.00 White Shower Curtain
$2.00 Black Bath Mat
$.25 Shower Curtain Rings
$4.99 Shower Curtain Liner


beforeAfter (2)

I have to spruce the bathroom up a bit with some more decorations, but it is already so much more updated and inviting with the simple changes


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  1. Dana Tranby says:


  2. Karen says:

    I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see more of the magic you do on your new home! Hugs!!

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