We finished the gray, sponge-painted bathroom update last week. But it had a twin. And this one was even better. Black sponge paint….. AND….. wait for it….. black and white striped skinny border around all of the trim. So we’re in the process of finishing the updates this bathroom today. This one has taken a bit longer… namely because of stripping wallpaper trim and having to paint two coats of Kilz Primer on the walls to hide the spongy goodness. Final pics to come after we make the updates, but here is what we started working with. I affectionately referred to it as The Nascar Bathroom:


And here are closer snapshots of the border we pulled down:


The update pictures are coming….. have to get back to work! Happy Monday everyone :)


One Response to Our last sponge-painted bathroom….

  1. Brooke says:

    That is stellar! I can’t wait to see the transformation :-)

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