I love each season, don’t get me wrong. But with the “feels like” temperature hovering around -40 and -50 degrees this week, we are anxiously awaiting spring! Our daughter’s birthday is in the summer, so during the school year we send birthday treats on her “Half Birthday”. When you think of birthdays, cupcakes, candy, cake, and the like come to mind. But in an effort to have something healthy and fun, we came up a few ideas for her class. We started out with some Apple & Eve juice boxes (includes juices from apple, pear, sweet potato, carrot, peach, tomato, and butternut squash) and some Annie’s baked crackers.

We wrapped each juice box in scrapbook paper and added a personalized label on each. I love the springtime colors and patterns of the paper! I will put the straws in each of them before sending them to her class – it would be hard for the kids to poke through the paper. Then we took triangle cellophane bags and filled them with bunny crackers. We tied the tops with little rubber bands and added a knotted strip of green fabric to make them look like carrots.

For the labels, I just printed 12 of these onto a sheet of cardstock and cut them out with the scalloped punch (I borrowed it from my awesome neighbor – Thanks Carey!!).

Our older kids had fun helping us make this project and I think it will be a unique, fun snack that doesn’t hold all of the empty calories or sugar.


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