What do you get when you add ‘the holidays’ + 2 new babies + a cross-country move? Blog hiatus of nearly three months! What a busy time of it we have had lately… Let’s play catch up: ~~~Lace had a beautiful, healthy baby girl just before Thanksgiving. ~~~Linden had a beautiful, healthy baby girl just after Christmas. apple iphone 6 plus case leather ~~~Lace and her family are moving 1700 miles away in a couple of weeks. iphone 6 cases for girls gel Linden can’t talk about it. iphone 7 plus mickey mouse case ~~~Linden and her family plan to build a new home this summer. So many changes in such a short time! We are so blessed to have these new babies in our families. jiaxiufen iphone 7 case Baby Lace laughs and smiles and melts our hearts. art iphone 6 phone case Baby Linden is still in baby snuggles mode and her brother and two sisters love her so much! We did manage to put a few things up for Valentine’s Day though! “…. And the greatest of these is Love”.


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