Five years ago, the mood on New Year’s Eve was quite despondent. funny apple iphone 6 case Plans fell through in the worst way and the ideals we’d set for the night failed. None of us wanted to ring in 2007 like that, so a February Re-New Year’s celebration was born. There are so many reasons that the Re-New Year party works every year: you can always get a reservation at a restaurant, New Year’s decoration prices have been marked down, and it always exceeds expectations because nobody really knows what to expect! We thought about doing a White Party… but to make it a little more unique, we started planning a Purple Party. The decorations and desserts were purple and the guests all wore purple. iphone 6 case kate spade We wanted to have a fun, simple gathering that focused on having a great time with amazing friends. hybrid case iphone 8 plus We had a desserts table that included sixlets, drizzled pretzels and purple candy jewels. We made purple dessert parfaits using this recipe: 1 angel food cake torn into bits 1 can of blueberry pie filling (21 oz.) 1 tub of whipped topping Mix the bits of angel food cake and blueberry filling and a large bowl until well blended. Layer whipped topping and mixture into serving dishes and top them with a swirl of whipped cream. surphy iphone 6 plus case Garnish with sprinkles, fruit, chocolate shavings, etc. phone case iphone 8 plus These were SO YUMMY and SO EASY! We also made mini red velvet cupcakes with a purple chocolate garnish and a purple popcorn snack. iphone 6 plus case rugged For the purple popcorn snack, we melted almond bark and added purple food coloring to it. We poured the almond bark onto the popcorn puffs and stirred everything to coat the puffs. Then, we laid the popcorn onto a cookie sheet and drizzled thin strips of purple, melted white chocolate across it. This was a really simple but really fun event! We had a lot of fun with the purple theme.


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