After spending the past week across the country visiting Lace and her family in their new surroundings (we all had an amazing time together!), now I’m back to the constant chaos that tends to surround life. This weeks ‘extra excitement’ includes 3 birthday parties (one for our own 2-year-old!), a missions banquet to contribute to, and participating in a craft and vendor show. So after all of our own four children were sleeping soundly, I briefly escaped to experiment by creating two new projects. Painting for me is like a day at the spa after a run. Invigorating, but relaxing. Here’s a sneak peek of one:

I have really enjoyed playing with textures lately! Here’s the entire piece:

And I wanted to try a piece similar to the one I did last week… but with more tranquil colors. Here’s a close up:

And here’s the full picture of this piece:

Creating the texture and seeing how that plays with the colors has been so much fun! I have a new direction I want to move into and try now…. we’ll see if I can find a quiet time to retreat and work on it this week!


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