What do you get when you add ‘the holidays’ + 2 new babies + a cross-country move? Blog hiatus of nearly three months! What a busy time of it we have had lately… Let’s play catch up:

~~~Lace had a beautiful, healthy baby girl just before Thanksgiving.

~~~Linden had a beautiful, healthy baby girl just after Christmas.

~~~Lace and her family are moving 1700 miles away in a couple of weeks.
Linden can’t talk about it.

~~~Linden and her family plan to build a new home this summer.

So many changes in such a short time! We are so blessed to have these new babies in our families. Baby Lace laughs and smiles and melts our hearts. Baby Linden is still in baby snuggles mode and her brother and two sisters love her so much!

We did manage to put a few things up for Valentine’s Day though! “…. And the greatest of these is Love”.


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