I could eat breakfast foods for every meal. giraffe phone case iphone 7 plus Occasionally, we have ‘breakfast for lunch’ like we’re doing today. iphone 6 case black and rose gold I love making different images out of pancake mix, because the they’re so EASY and the kids love how they look! To make the pumpkins, I mixed up pancake batter according to the directions and added some ground flaxseed in for an extra boost of fiber. 360 protect case iphone 8 I separated the batter into two bowls and added orange and green food coloring to each. Then I put the orange batter into the pan to make the base, and added a stem, mouth, and eyes. cani iphone 7 plus case We’ll be doing different faces for all of the kids so no two jack-o-lanterns will be the same! After the first side finished cooking, I flipped it over to cook the other side and the image stayed pretty intact. pikachu iphone 8 case Here is the finished result: You could also use chocolate chips or nutella after cooking for the facial features.


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