In taking inventory of the clothes I have for baby Lace I realized how many plain white onesies we had acquired. I am all for a plain white shirt now and again, but decided I would take some of the onesies and make them into dresses. iphone 7 cases women It was an incredibly quick sew project and turned out great. Here’s how it’s done: 1. Decide on and gather your materials.

2. back case for iphone 7 Once you have decided what fabric you want to use, measure your onesie (front and back) across the section you want the skirt of the dress to sit. tokyo edge iphone 7 case Double your measurement to allow room for the pleats, cut your fabric:

3. Iron a a double fold hem on the bottom of your skirt fabric and a single fold hem on the top of the fabric. Sew the bottom hem closed.

4. iphone 7 phone cases skech Begin to fold pleats into the top of the fabric and pin in to place. I used 1.5 inch pleats with 1 inch gaps in between each pleat.

5. Once you have pinned your pleats, pin the open ends of fabric together and sew shut. spigen iphone cases 7 plus You will now have a circular piece of fabric. Pin in the pleated skirt around the onesie where you would like it to hang.

6. Sew the pleated skirt to the onesie. phone cases iphone 6 cat Voila! From blank to bomb-dank!

[I decided to add a bow belt to my dress with a different fabric to add more detail. Feel free to add a belt, bow, flower or whatever you like. I created the belt by cutting a 20 inch x 4 inch piece of fabric, folding the fabric in half and sewing shut.

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