I love painting glassware and trying new methods to get different looks. I tried a drip method a few months ago and really liked the result. customised iphone 6 case As Halloween approaches, these goblets would make a great way to festively adorn any table – and they are so easy to make! I started with 2 olive goblets from the Dollar Tree There are many different types of glass paints out there, and each give a slightly different look. iphone 8 case geek Some are dishwasher safe, some are not. Some may be put to your lips, some should not. I’ve used two types of glass paint (shown below) for this drip effect. proporta iphone 6 case The paint on the left is my favorite because the applicator is easier to use and you don’t have to thin the paint down. The Gloss Enamels paint on the right comes in more color options, but it needs to be thinned down with a thinning medium. iphone 7 plus shockproof case red I purchased both of these at JoAnn’s Fabrics, but you could also find them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. After putting the glasses upside down with a paper underneath, you can just start applying paint. initials case iphone 7 I usually do a pretty thick base around the rim and watch the paint take its own course from there, adding paint as needed. black panther phone case iphone 8 To be safe, I don’t let the drips get too close to the rim. star wars phone case iphone 6 When the longest streaks get within about 1-3 inches of the rim, I turn the glass back upright and let it drip down the other way. As the paint dries, I will flip the glass on either side every few minutes so that the paint distributes evenly.

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17 Responses to Eerie and Modern.

  1. iphone 5 says:

    Saved being a favored, I actually like your weblog!

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!! This is so perfect for halloween!!!! Just the right amount of creep factor =) haha

  3. wendy says:

    did u use the gloss enamal paint here-looks like only used the other?

  4. Angel says:

    Very very smart. thanks for the idea.

  5. amanda says:

    this would be soo cute in a glossy red too :)

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  7. Johane says:

    It’s always the little details that make the difference. This is brilliant, simple, and inexpensive… I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks for the idea!

  8. iiona says:

    This is awesome :-)

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  12. james raley says:

    You could probably do the same thing but use chocolate, it wouldnt be permanent so you wouldnt need to worry about your glasses

  13. HappyCampers says:

    Hey…check out Mom’s Got Ink on Facebook. She stole your photos from this post :)

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