I’m far from Suzy-Homemaker…. matte phone case iphone 6 plus like as far from that as one can be…. iphone 6 case with hand strap but I found some great, healthy Halloween theme snacks online and wanted to put together a festive lunch and snacks for today. selfie case iphone 8 plus For young children, it’s hard for me to see only sugary, candy-like snacks for Halloween. shawn mendes phone case iphone 7 Especially considering how much candy is already associated with Trick-or-Treating! Here’s what our son took for lunch today, and what we’ll be having with the preschoolers at my house: He had a mummified juice box (I glued on toilet paper and googley eyes) A ghostly whole grain peanut butter sandwich with a slice of mozzarella cheese setting on top for an extra snack Spooky smiles (green apples with slivered almonds) Yogurt with a bat-shaped all-fruit strip cutout on top Just for some extra fruit, some green grapes held together with Halloween toothpicks And sweet spiders for dessert. bellroy iphone 8 case I made these with pretzel sticks, crackers with nutella inside and stuck chocolate chip eyes on with nutella. I ran out of time, but I had good intentions to put some veggies into the mix….. personalised iphone 6 case marble I hope to make another Halloween lunch on Monday as well with some different ideas.


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